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Zhèng Wǔ Mén

Zhèng Wǔ Mén is the name (Chinese name) of the Kentish Town, London, Bagua club. For more infomation about the classes and tuition available read content in this section.

The north london group has been established for a decade now since Ed Hines first started teaching. The class is now run by Matt Biss (registered Tai Chi Union of Great Britain Level A instructor), and on hand are other long time students with plenty of experience of the Gao Yi-Sheng Baguazhang syllabus.

The empasis of the classes is often on body structure in relation to form and often application. We like to teach the functional side of the martial art, but also take care to cover the core 'internal' development. We have plenty of equipment including 8 -2*1M judo matts - sparring gloves - wooden staffs and swords.

All are welcome to come but are advised to contact us first to let us know if you would like to have lessons.

Classes are continuing from September 2009 onwards at:

Kentish Town
Kelly Street,