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Thanet Baguazhang

Zhèng Wǔ Mén Bagua club has a class in Ramsgate in Kent. For more information about the classes and tuition available read content in this Thanet Baguazhang section.

The Thanet group has been established for two years now and is run by Nick Cumber (registered Tai Chi Union of Great Britain Level A instructor), and on hand are Gary Short and Glenn Avery with plenty of experience of the Gao Yi-Sheng Baguazhang syllabus.

Classes are light on etiquette and heavy on practical play. Classes will often focus on certain aspects for several weeks before moving on. This way the classes remain fresh and often return to core basics.

We have a complete syllabus to teach with gradings for the more serious students.

Baguazhang - Xingyi - Kung Fu - lessons in Ramsgate, Kent

Classes for 2016 - Bagua, Xingyi and Tai Chi in Thanet, Kent.

Class times are below: If your new please contact me if you'd like to attend: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or come 15 minutes early and introduce yourself.

Mondays Tai Chi "From my garden": 6:00pm until 7:15pm - session for all!

Thursdays Bagua "From my garden": 6:00pm until 8:00pm - session for all!

May sessions for Bagua will be covering:

  1. Heavenly stems
  2. Single palm change
  3. Overt power, and subtle power
  4. Figure 8 walking and the smooth dragon changes
  5. 2 hands to one!
  6. Moving stake methods

 Again we will be looking at good footwork and smooth body movement.

May sessions for Tai Chi will be covering:

  1. Fist section of the form
  2. Yield
  3. Sticking
  4. Push

For location details please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Training in 2016

Classes for the summer

We have no direct debit schemes, we have no wish to leech your bank account, but what we do require is effort. That effort is your power to transform!


Structure of a class of Bagua and Xingyi in Ramsgate

So you want to know what classes can be like? Some of the things we list wont be familiar to a lot of you but they will be once you start learning. Our class formats are relaxed in many ways but the core of it is quite traditional, which some may think is old fashioned, but in fact its quite the opposite in terms of movement coaching!

Ramsgate club location

Tuesdays @ Artwise: 6:00pm until 8:00pm - session for all!
St Lukes Avenue
CT11 7HS

A modest investment for my contract free gym


A modest investment for my contract free gym. Health and safety is my primary concern as you can see! Best of all no zombies on Hampster wheels with TV's in sight.

If your in the mood to try some thing new, co-ordinated and some realistic


Private classes

If you you would prefer more 1 to 1 tuition we can accommodate.

Quite a few teachers as well as beginners have come for lessons on a private basis. If you interest is Xingyi and Bagua then we can offer you some high quality coaching. I offer the martial side and the softer sides of training for those just interested in Internal Strength training.

Nick has been training for over 15 years. He has experience in full contact competition ( and success we might add :o) ) and has a keen interest in the full range of the syllabus. Among other arts he has plenty of experience in training for Mixed martial arts including ground fighting, grappling, boxing, pad work, bleep tests, kick-boxing.

Nick has also trained in the following martial arts: Judo, Silat, traditional Muay Thai Boxing, San Da Gong Fu, Tai Chi (Yang Style.

Bagua Straight Sword

Nick has studied with a variety of teachers including (in no particular order); Tony Felix, Aarvo Tucker, Ed Hines, Luo Dexiu