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Private classes

If you you would prefer more 1 to 1 tuition we can accommodate.

Quite a few teachers as well as beginners have come for lessons on a private basis. If you interest is Xingyi and Bagua then we can offer you some high quality coaching. I offer the martial side and the softer sides of training for those just interested in Internal Strength training.

Nick has been training for over 15 years. He has experience in full contact competition ( and success we might add :o) ) and has a keen interest in the full range of the syllabus. Among other arts he has plenty of experience in training for Mixed martial arts including ground fighting, grappling, boxing, pad work, bleep tests, kick-boxing.

Nick has also trained in the following martial arts: Judo, Silat, traditional Muay Thai Boxing, San Da Gong Fu, Tai Chi (Yang Style.

Bagua Straight Sword

Nick has studied with a variety of teachers including (in no particular order); Tony Felix, Aarvo Tucker, Ed Hines, Luo Dexiu